What not to do if you get more money?

There are situations in a man’s life when suddenly, the savings we have made are multiplied by his hands. This is much less covered by any literature than it should. The real question of game theory is, what do we start with the millions of rushes that have suddenly hit us? In this article, however, let’s look at what you don’t do!

Did you know? The British Vivian Nicholson won the lottery in 1961. When he received his winnings, he proclaimed loudly that he would spend the whole thing on clothes. That’s what he did. By 1965, no iron would remain. A lot of great beautiful clothes got beggar bot…

# 1 Don’t buy items

# 1 Don

Incredible, but true. Man’s basic nature is possession. The more we own, the greater and more successful we feel. From this state of consciousness, it is the quantifiable fact that our first thought is always to buy and reward something.

There are also more terrible stories than purchasing some harmless garments from an inheritance or prize. Think of your friends who have taken out a personal loan in larger amounts (eg 5M forints). Such loans are taken for some purpose (eg car purchase, debt settlement, home improvement). Yet, for some reason, there are always hundreds of thousands of items (eg TV, wellness, computer… etc).

# 2 Don’t lend me

# 2 Don

A multitude of horror stories are circulating on the net, which always report on situations where someone started to borrow money from the money that was suddenly in his hand (good intent). The environment is rarely the closest relatives. It is much more like friends, friends and distant relatives.

Unfortunately, it is very common that money is never paid back. In fact, people will be denied (if they have not been properly enslaved). Always look at who you want to lend to. As a rule of thumb, I would recommend that you never calculate the loan amount from your “prize, credit”. You only give a loan that you could give on your regular income.

# 3 Do not invest

# 3 Do not invest

There is something childish sincerity about it when a financial advisory site advises the author not to invest. Of course, the formula is never so black and white. In general, however, a larger amount of money usually requires a larger “gait”.

If you haven’t invested millions before, why would you just do it right now? The truth is that big money means more responsibility and assumes greater financial awareness. Otherwise you will easily lose it. That’s why I recommend investing always in money that you can manage from your income. If you want more (eg for inheritance), train yourself instead of hitting, go to a course, read experts. Get to a level that recognizes if an “expert” wants to pull you into the tube!

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