Training Support – Tips for Financial Support

If the remuneration that a trainee receives from his apprenticeship does not suffice for living and living, he or she can receive a training grant in Germany. If the apprentice can not live with his parents because the apprenticeship is too far away, it is difficult to get by with the little money every month. Finally, in addition to the rent, the food, the rides, telephone and internet must be paid.

In some training acquisitions must be made: This starts with the required work clothes and does not stop with the work materials for a long time. In order to concentrate completely on education and achievements, apprentices have access to the Federal Ministry of Education and Training. All information on the service of the training support we have compiled in our guide article.

Types of training support

Level of training support

Which training subsidies are there?

Funding by Small Lender

For pupils and students in Germany there is financial support according to the Federal Education Funding Act, in short Small Lender. While students receive the Small Lender as a full subsidy , students receive the grant in half as a grant and an interest-free loan . The Small Lender serves to finance the studies and that the students can complete their training or studies quickly and then start their professional life quickly. Whoever receives this support must reckon that the Small Lender repayment will come after the training. 

The right to Small Lender exists in the case of school education or studies. Trainees in company training are usually excluded from the Small Lender benefits. For trainees, on the other hand, there is the Bank, vocational training allowance or, in the case of a disability, training allowance.

Vocational training allowance short Bank

The Vocational Training Allowance is paid by the Employment Agency if the apprentice no longer lives with the parents during occupational or non-occupational vocational training because the parental home is too far away from the training company. If the trainee is already of legal age, lives in a civil partnership, is married or has a child, the removal of parents and training company plays no role in the granting of the Bank.

Do I have to repay the training grant?

The training support Bank does not have to be repaid. The Vocational Training Allowance aims to help trainees overcome economic difficulties that would otherwise hamper vocational training. They are intended to improve occupational mobility if young people can not find a suitable apprenticeship near their place of residence. The amount of the Bank depends on the parental income , the amount of compensation paid by the training company , the type of accommodation and possibly the income of the spouse or spouse. The maximum amount the trainee can receive is a maximum of 622 euros per month.

Promotion of pre-employment measures

If the future trainee takes part in a so-called pre-vocational training before his actual vocational training, this is promoted independently of the income of the parents or partners. In addition to the costs of the course, the employment office assumes any travel costs and necessary childcare costs for these measures. These are partly flat-rate and paid regardless of income.

Promote secondary education

Promote secondary education

Does the funding for a second vocational training apply?

The vocational training allowance is a compulsory service for the promotion of work and training. It is paid – depending on the relevant conditions for the promotion – for the completion of an on-the-job and off-the-job training. This form of training support also applies to a job preparation measure.

The vocational training allowance can even provide a second education . This applies if young people have successfully completed an apprenticeship but are nevertheless without any perspective in their profession. Whether such a secondary education is promoted in the form of further education or retraining with Bank depends on the discretion of the employee in the Employment Agency. After all, training that gives a young person a perspective on the job market should not fail because of financial means of livelihood.

The application for the vocational training allowance

How do I apply for training funding?

If a trainee wants to receive a Bank from the Agentur für Arbeit, he must apply for the training grant himself. This application must be filed with the Employment Agency. In each case, the agency in whose district the place of residence of the apprentice is located is responsible. If the application for a Bank is made when the training has started, it will not be paid retroactively. The grant is only valid from the month in which it was applied for. Incidentally, the vocational training aid does not have to be repaid . The Small Lender repayment, by contrast, can not be bypassed by all recipients. Students will have to repay half of this education after graduation.

The conditions for promotion

Who receives the training grant?

Anyone who wants to do an apprenticeship in a recognized apprenticeship profession must sign up for a training contract. Then the vocational training can be promoted on request. The same applies to the pre-employment measures. In addition to German nationals, foreign trainees can be supported. Since in these cases the legal regulations are not easy to understand, the responsible consultant should clarify in the employment agency whether the appropriate conditions are fulfilled and a Bank can be granted.

Duration of payment

Duration of payment

How long is the training subsidy paid?

The amount paid by the Employment Agency as an apprenticeship aid depends on two factors: firstly, the total needs of the trainee and secondly, the amount of eligible income . A trainee is entitled to a Bank throughout the duration of his / her training or pre-vocational training. In the case of vocational training, the Employment Agency first decides for 18 months , otherwise the period of approval is one year . If the training is not yet completed, a follow-up application must be submitted for the receipt of the training support.

Tip: Bank Apply in time! The vocational training allowance should be applied for immediately after signing the apprenticeship contract. In principle, the application for training support can be submitted later, but the benefits are not paid retroactively .

Scope of training support

What does the total requirement of the Bank include?

For his vocational training, an apprentice needs the need for a living, travel expenses, work clothes and other expenses. The rates of employment granted by the Employment Agency are flat rate . You do not have to correspond to the actual effort that a trainee, for example, has to pay for his rent.

Those who apply for a salary in addition to the salary, should bear in mind that monthly expenses are not fully covered by the Bank . If Bank is paid for a pre-employment measure, it does not include a lump sum for work clothes.

Level of training support

What is the vocational training allowance?

  • If the apprentice lives with his parents, there is no Bank.
  • If the apprentice lives in his own household, because the training center is too far away from his parents’ apartment, he will receive 372 euros in basic necessities and 166 euros for a necessary rent. If the rent is demonstrably higher, he can get a maximum of 84 euros surcharge.
  • If the apprentice lives in a boarding house or dorm and is fed there, he will receive a 96 Euro Bank and the corresponding costs for accommodation and meals will be covered. If the apprentice is under the age of majority, the Employment Agency will pay an additional fee for the necessary socio-educational support.

Promotion of travel costs

The agency for work assumes necessary travel expenses in the amount of maximally 476 euro in the month . This applies in the case where the distance between the place of residence of the family and the training center is so great that daily commuting is unreasonable for the trainee and grants a trip home to the family each month.

Training support in case of impairment

If a trainee is either socially disadvantaged or has a learning disability, an appropriate grant can also be requested from the responsible employment agency. Since the respective funding depends on the individual case, the interview with the responsible clerk should be sought. This supports the trainee, if he does not get a training place without such support or otherwise can not complete his education successfully. If out of financial distress threatens the termination of training, the employment agency can provide support.

Alternatives to financing

Alternatives to financing

What if I do not receive training funding?

If the training allowance is insufficient, if the parents do not provide support and the Employment Agency does not provide vocational training assistance, a loan for apprentices or training credit can be applied for. Many banks and savings banks offer special loans for trainees, where the interest rates are particularly favorable. The terms and conditions of the loan and the repayment depend on the selected bank.


Housing benefit and child allowance as training support

If the employment agency does not pay a Bank because the trainee is not entitled to it, he can apply for housing allowance. For this, the apprentice must prove that he does not live with the parents and has to pay for rent and additional costs. He must also submit the rejection notice for the Bank to the housing benefit office. As long as the apprentice is younger than 25 years , the parents receive child benefit in education. Anyone who no longer lives at home and is not supported by their parents can then demand the money from their parents.

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