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Do you need a small loan of $ 5,000? Well, if your answer is positive then you are in the right guide; it is not difficult to find a creditor (bank or financial) who denies you the disbursement of the amount, however, in commercial practice in the face of the economic crisis, greater protections and guarantees are required.

If you are a person reported as a bad payer or protested in the Crif databases or you are a nullatenente and without guarantees, you will surely be considered a highly risky default and, probably, your request will be rejected by the credit and financial market.

However, faced with the difficulty of accessing the credit channel and the urgent need to take out a loan to meet urgent expenses or to carry out projects, there are chances that the commercial reality makes available to us, that is, the possibility of taking out a loan exchange. It is simple the process to request it is fast and simple, the important thing is that you are able to evaluate which is the best loan to be turned on and where to find it.

Small foreign exchange loan: difficulties in accessing the credit market and guarantees

Small foreign exchange loan: difficulties in accessing the credit market and guarantees

Although it needs to request such a small amount ( capital 5,000 USD ), it could be a problem to go to a bank branch or a financial company, if you are a protested, bad payer or unemployed person. You can always try the luck of the credit market but, in the face of access to the loan, you will be asked for guarantees such as the signing of a surety policy, the issue of guarantees represented by a life annuity or by the rents that are collected regularly, if you own real estate. Very often, if you have to buy a movable property registered as a car or a motorcycle, you may be asked for a real guarantee such as a pledge, governed by article 2784 and following of the Civil Code.

We report in this guide as a concrete and real case, in this sad and bitter reality in which we are living a testimony of a woman Laura, from Torre Boldone, 45 years old and two teenage children: ” A drop – he says – of bills to pay, deadlines, needs. Every now and then it seems to not even have the strength to go on. ” Despite the difficulties, the determination not to unload the weight of such a great distress on the children remains firm among the parents. “It’s tough – says Laura -. What enters the house is little. At the pawnshop Laura brought a bracelet in gold and diamonds: a wedding gift. “You cannot understand, if you don’t try – he observes -, how simple it is, all in all, to detach oneself from memories when there is a need for pressure every day”. It is just one of the stories of those who turn to Best Bank. Gold and valuables are left on deposit in exchange for liquidity: 1,900 policies granted to Bergamo. Requests are increasing by 1.7%, the average amounts per practice are also growing: from 732 USD to 874 “. This fragment of daily history wants to be a confirmation of the fact that, with the economic and employment crisis, the loan on pawn is the only viable chance.

Small loan for an amount of 5,000 USD: loans between serious private individuals

Small loan for an amount of 5,000 USD: loans between serious private individuals

With the development of social lending, it cannot be said that, another interesting alternative to have access to the credit market is to contact private individuals, savers, able to meet the needs advanced by those who need loans (borrowers of funds). Some friends, relatives and acquaintances who have the financial resources can be a valid alternative to ask for a loan with the contextual release of a regularly stamped bond.

The credit transaction appears safe for the creditor since the bill of exchange is an enforceable title, payment instrument and guarantee : in the event of default, the same beneficiary of the bill of exchange has the right to ” raise the protest ” and to act by direct action against of the principal or through recourse. Furthermore, also for the debtor and underwriter of the bills, it will be “protected” from the risk of having usurious interest rates applied (as sanctioned and disciplined by Law no. 106 of 7 March 1996 ).

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